1 crushing, squeezing, squeeze.
2 push, shove.
* * *
nombre masculino
1 familiar (empujón) push, shove
el delantero apartó al portero de un achuchón the forward pushed the goalkeeper aside
2 familiar (indisposición) ailment
siempre tiene algún achuchón there's always something wrong with him
le dio un achuchón he had a funny turn
3 familiar (abrazo) hug, squeeze
la abuela le dio un achuchón al niño the old lady hugged the little boy
* * *
1) (=abrazo) squeeze
2) (=empujón) shove, push

tener un achuchón — (Med) to be ill, be poorly

* * *
A (fam)
(empujón): me dieron muchos achuchones en el tren there was a lot of pushing and shoving o a lot of jostling on the train
B (fam) (abrazo) squeeze
los vi dándose achuchones en el portal I saw them hugging each other in the doorway
C (fam)
(indisposición repentina): le dio un achuchón she suddenly felt a little ill
* * *

achuchón sustantivo masculino
1 (empujón) push, shove
2 (abrazo) (big) hug
* * *
achuchón nm
1. [abrazo] big hug;
me dio un achuchón he gave me a big hug
2. [estrujón] push, shove;
había achuchones para entrar there was pushing and shoving to get in
3. [indisposición] mild illness;
le dio un achuchón he came over all funny
* * *
m fam
1 squeeze, hug
2 (empujón) push
le dio un achuchón desmayo she felt faint
* * *
achuchón nm, pl -chones
1) : push, shove
2) fam : squeeze, hug
3) fam : mild illness

Spanish-English dictionary. 2013.

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